Here are some of the delicious Thai food that are unique to Chiang Mai and northern Thailand. Also on this page are some popular restaurants serving yummy Thai food, or western fare.

Khao SoyChiang Mai's Khao Soy

This is the travellers’ favourite, Khao Soy or yellow curry noodles and is considered by many to be Chiang Mai’s signature dish. There are many recipes for the curry, with some following the Burmese style. This is a dish of yellow egg noodles mixed with crispy yellow noodles in a thick broth of curry and coconut milk and chicken, pork or beef. Usually served with vegetables like lime, shallots and pickled cabbage and also chilli paste, sugar and fish sauce.

Chiang Mai Sausage

This is a spicy pork sausage and is absolutely delicious! You can find this at any roadside stall in Chiang Mai.

Nang LehBest pineapple in Chiang Mai

This pineapple looks short and roundish, but it is the best pineapple I’ve ever eaten, honestly! The texture of this pineapple’s meat is so soft and juicy it almost melts in your mouth. When just sliced open, it glistens invitingly like a crystal. And it is very sweet! This is not grown in Chiang Mai but around Chiang Rai. One of the places you can buy this fruit is at Warorot Market.

Recommended Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Thai Restaurants
  • Huen Phen, 112 Rachamangla Rd. Tel: 053-814 548. Price: $

Delicious, real authentic northern Thai food inside Chiang Mai’s old town. They now have big photos hanging on the walls showcasing their most popular foods like Khao Soy and Khanom Jeen NamNgeua (beef stew). I’d like to give a warning to those trying the soup in the pictures below. It is a very hearty, peppery vegetable stew. But watch out for the ingredients! 😛 Don’t be like me, only discovering the truth after I finished the soup!

Chiang Mai vegetable soup What's this white thing in my soup?

  • Palaad Tawanron, 100 Huay Kaew Rd T.Suthep. Tel: 053-216 576. Price: $$

Very popular with Thais and tourists alike. Located on Suthep Hill, you can get great views of Chiang Mai if you can find a good seat. If you can’t, well you can always visit the restrooms where the balcony offers a good view too. Thai food, including northern specials. Wandering musicians. Nestled among lots of trees and greenery. Near the entrance is a path that leads to Palaad Waterfall.

  • Galae, End of Suthep Rd. Tel: 053-278655, 053-811041 Price: $$

Also on Suthep Hill, you get a totally different ambience here though. Having a meal here is like having a picnic in a beautiful landscaped garden. The outstanding view of the 8 rai property includes wooden picnic tables and colorful umbrellas amid the colourful flowers of Chiang Mai. Located just beside the reservoir that is lined with towering trees.

  • Tha Nam, End of Chang Klan Road. Tel: 053-282988 Price: $$

An old Chiang Mai favourite, known for fine northern and central Thai cuisine. A must-try is the appetizer or side dish Hor D’oervres Muang. Located on the banks of the Ping River, the outside dining area has a romantic atmosphere. The main building you entered by is a century-old teak house.

International Restaurants
  • Art Cafe, 291 Tha Pae Rd. Tel: 053-206365. Price: $$
  • The Red Lion, 123 Loy Kroh Rd. 053-818847. Price: $
  • JJ Coffee Shop & Bakery, 388 Tha Pae Rd. Tel: 053-234 007. Price: $
  • Pum Pui, 24 Soi 2 Moonmuang Rd. Tel: 053-278 209. Price: $$

Have you tried any special Chiang Mai food? Or got a good restaurant to recommend? Just comment below:

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